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Frostburg State University
101 Braddock Road
Frostburg, MD , 21532-1099
Phone: (301) 687-4000
President Jonathan C. Gibralter
Founded in: 1898
Campus Size: 260
Student Faculty Ratio: 16 to 1
Entrance Difficulty: Moderately difficult
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Past Performance

Learning Disability


Financial Aid Phone: (301) 687-4301
 Admissions Phone  : (301) 687-4201

Campus Description:  260-acre campus in Frostburg, 11 miles from Cumberland; branch campuses in Hagerstown and Frederick. Served by bus; major airports serve Pittsburgh, Pa. (100 miles) and Baltimore (150 miles); smaller airport and train serve Cumberland. Public transportation serves campus.

General Information: Selective, Medium School, Public School, Small Town, Co-Ed, Graduate Students - Medium, Low Cost, Diagnostic Testing Service, Reader Service for the Blind, Handicapped Student Services, Note taking Services, Study Abroad, Advanced Placement/CLEP, Accelerated Study, Cooperative Work Experience, Campus Publications, Dormitories, Honor Student Organizations, Minority Student Organizations, Radio/TV Station, Religious Organizations, Social Fraternities and Sororities, Student Government, Student/Faculty Ratio - Medium,

Past Performance:

No. of Doctoral Degrees awarded last year:  0
No. of Masters Degrees awarded last year:  206
No. of Bachelors Degrees awarded last year:  752
No. of Associates Degrees awarded last year:  0

Schools Selected by our Graduates:  

Our students hired by:  Computer Sciences Corp., Defense Mapping Agency, Hercules/Allegany Ballistics Laboratory, IBM, Kelly-Springfield, Marriott, Martin Marietta, Potomac Edison, UniversityS. Postal Service, educational institutions.

Famous Alumni:  Donald Hutchinson, president, Maryland Economic Growth Associates/Maryland Chamber of Commerce; Michael Owen, vice president of circulation, Time-Life, Inc.; David Mahoney, vice president of consumer division, Phillips Publishing Company.

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